About Unveiled

Our focus has always been to create an environmentally friendly candle as possible, and we have succeeded. Our candles are environmentally friendly which means you can burn the candle with a clear conscience.

The candle wax we use is natural and contains no paraffin or stearin.

With natural candle wax, it will occur less soot which will be a good alternative for people with allergy and asthmatics.

The candles burn a little shorter than ordinary candles that are not figures. You can read more about how to get optimal burntime in the information card that is included with your order.

For us, it is important that our candles can be bought by everyone. Therefore, all candles are vegan and free from animal testing.

We spend a lot of time on each individual candle, and go through several stages to ensure that the candle is according to the standard we have set for ourselves. Each candle is individually handmade and hand-molded so small variations and imperfections must be expected when purchasing.

The variations can be in color, scent and air bubbles - but this is also what makes our&your candles unique.